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Jessica Roth dumped her boyfriend, moved to New York and wanted desperately to start her new life off with a bang - a literal mind-blowing, soul-shaking night of pure, raw, memory making sex.

She thought her one time chance encounter with attorney, Nathan Moore, in a hotel room would become a jumping point for her exciting, single and adventurous life in the city.

One night turned into two, into four, and into more – always at the same place, always at the same time – no last names, no personal details, and absolutely no complications.

What Jessica doesn't count on is that in Nathan's world boundaries are made to be pushed.

He wanted her in ways he promised he never would. She wanted him in ways she couldn't admit.

When their lives ultimately collide outside the walls of the hotel room, Jessica is forced to face the truth about the only man who has ever made her pulse race and her body ache with unadulterated pleasure.

Wow. I feel like I need a shower..

What a steamy read, I didn't know if I should love or hate Nathan. I did however love Jessica. She was a strong female lead who didn't take his crap.. and it only drove him more wild for her.

Talk about a kinky quick read. Hot hotel sex.. he's possessive, and it shows!!

Definitely purchase all the series at once, otherwise you'll be freaking out after that cliffhanger.

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